Fun and Easy Crafting with Recycled Materials


  • Transform paper rolls, egg cartons, newspaper, and cardboard into colorful decorations, amazing wearable masks, hats, and jewelry, or even sturdy desk organizers, puzzles, and paint palettes.


Exciting, Eco-Conscious Crafts with Stuff You Already Have
Get ready to unleash your imagination with 60 unique crafts—with something for all ages—including:

Homemade Kaleidoscope
Build Your Own Marble Maze
Cool Superhero Mask
Dinosaur Terrarium
Indoor Mini-Garden
Awesome Cardboard

Kimberly McLeod, the creator of The Best Ideas, provides a varied selection of budget-friendly, eco-conscious projects that are great for imaginary play, bedroom decorations, gift-giving, and more! You’ll be so proud of the projects you’ve created and customized with your own hands—and they are as fun to make as they are to play with!