Today’s Technician: Automotive Electricity and Electronics

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  • Repair electrical and electronic systems in today’s automobiles.
  • Communication provides information on the interrelationship. of voltage, current, resistance.


Whether you’re an aspiring automotive professional, preparing for ASE certification, or already working in the field, TODAY’S TECHNICIAN: AUTOMOTIVE ELECTRICITY & ELECTRONICS, Seventh Edition, will equip you to confidently understand, diagnose, and repair electrical and electronic systems in today’s automobiles. The text’s unique two-volume approach helps you make the most of your time in both the classroom and the auto shop. The first volume (Classroom Manual) covers the theory and application of electricity, electronics, and circuitry in modern automobiles, while the second (Shop Manual) focuses on real-world symptoms, diagnostics, and repair information. In addition to comprehensive coverage, accurate and up-to-date technical information, and hundreds of detailed color illustrations and photographs, the Seventh Edition features extensive updates with information on new and emerging technologies and techniques. Highlights include coverage of telematic systems, LED and adaptive lighting, hybrid and electric vehicles, stop/start technology, lane departure warning, self-park systems, Wi-Fi connectivity, and other modern accessory systems. The new edition aligns to the 2017 ASE Education Foundation accreditation requirements and includes job sheets correlated to all MLR, AST, and MAST tasks.