Centuries before the Turkish occupation of Greece, back in the 11th-century AD, the little-known of Meteora was occupied by monks. The intoxicating combination of rugged cliffs— equal parts and geological—made it the country’s most dynamic stretch of land.

Where else can you saunter through monasteries, venture into south-facing slopes of the Andikhasia, hunt truffles, and rock climb through steep stones to take in a panoramic view.

So bring your curiosity, suit up your walking gear, and get ready to explore a region of raw and untamed beauty. Here’s our Top 10 guide to some of the very best experiences you can enjoy in Meteora.

Hike (or bike) through abandoned monasteries

If you’re taking a trip to the “stone forest” of Meteora, look out for the Greek orthodox monasteries perched on top of steep rock formations. Located a few kilometers from the northwestern town of Kalabaka, there are six active institutions that host a small number of nuns and monks residing in and around Meteora. Begin your journey at the foothills of the Holy Monastery of Great Meteoron, which is the oldest and largest of them all, and travel all the way to Holy Trinity, The terrain can be steep, and you can walk on foot or take one of the scenics, winding paths by bike.

Take the Via Cordata to the Great Saint

Just around the corner of Kastraki, just a few blocks away from the Great Saint tower area, is a route that takes you to the highest point in Meteora. The trail is only accessible by the “Via Cordata”, which involves vertical and horizontal climbing secured by a rope around your waist. This particular technique is how you can get on top of the tallest rock for panoramic views of Meteora and Kalampaka, almost 400 meters above the ground. Your guide will bring tea and snacks to enjoy with the view followed by a picnic lunch to savor after the climb.

Scoff down a pork gyro on the go in Trikala

Experience the exciting flavors of Greek cuisine, with a hint of Meteroa’s organic produce, at one of the curbside gyro shacks dotting the town square of Trikala.

Typically available wrapped in pita or flatbread (also known as Greek pocketless pitas), you can choose from a selection of chicken, pork, or lamb cooked rotisserie-style and marinated with fresh herbs and dressing. Just a 20-minute drive from central Meteora, Trikala is an underrated gastronomic destination perfect for a drive-through and binging classic gyros as you roam around town.

Discover Meteora through rock climbing

Meteora is regarded as one of the best rock climbing playgrounds in Greece. The crags leading up to the top are a mix of bolted (fixed anchors built into the rockface every few meters) and traditional routes (the climbers place the anchors themselves) which you can choose depending on your climbing ability.  Amidst the impressive rock towers, there are approximately 50 routes spread out in the beautiful forests, making Meteora a perfect climbing destination for adventure enthusiasts.